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Double Duty: Bringing Your Adirondack Chairs Inside

Say the phrase "Adirondack chairs," and most people will associate it with summers at the beach. Adirondack furniture was originally created for outdoor use, after all, and many of us have fond memories of lounging in this comfortable style of low-slung patio chair, an ice-cold drink set sturdily on one of the Adirondack chair’s wide armrests.

But Adirondack furniture is gaining popularity as indoor furniture as well, for the reasons listed below.

1. Adirondack furniture is tough enough for kids and pets, and easy to clean.

For people with pets, children and other messy family members, Adirondack furniture can be positively providential. After all, it’s frustrating to see those scratch marks on the couch, left behind by Fluffy’s razor-sharp claws. And how many dog owners must admit to having chew marks on some of their living room furniture?

Adirondack chairs are delightfully tough. They’re strong enough to stand up to any pet’s habits, as well as any child’s shenanigans. Moreover, they’re easy to clean. If little Timmy forgets to wash his mud-pie-covered hands before jumping on your Adirondack furniture, no problem! A bit of soap and water will restore cleanliness.

2. Adirondack Furniture is inexpensive.

Interior furniture is often eye-poppingly expensive. It’s hard to get an entire living room set for less than $1,000. Thankfully, Adirondack furniture is much less pricey. Indeed, if you keep your eyes open for deals, you can acquire an entire set of Adirondack chairs for less than what a single sofa would cost. (Be sure to plan ahead. Many stores offer end-of-season patio furniture sales in the late summer and early autumn.)

Moreover, the style of Adirondack furniture is such that you may not need to buy as much living room furniture. For instance, a single Adirondack chair includes its own side tables in the form of wide armrests.

3. Adirondack furniture complements most home décor styles.

The clean, simple lines of Adirondack chairs are flattering for most interior design styles. For instance, plain white versions would fit perfectly in a modernist schema. But these chairs are flexible enough to suit French country as well – just add floral cushions and a wide-brimmed straw hat or two. Adirondack furniture is simple and classic enough to match nearly any design style – and it’s easy to customize with paint or stain. Throw in seat cushions and other accessories, and the design options become almost endless.

4. Adirondack furniture is sturdy and durable.

The sturdy, basic construction of Adirondack chairs makes them perfect for all ages. And a set chairs will last quite a few years – perhaps even generations, with proper maintenance. Remember, Adirondack furniture is designed to last for decades outdoors, so you know it’s going to last a long time indoors.

Tips for Incorporating Adirondack Furniture in Interior Design

  • Protect wood floors with felt pads. Otherwise, your Adirondack furniture may leave unsightly scratches.
  • Add comfortable accessories. Fluffy pillows, blankets, seat covers and other accessories can make your chairs feel luxuriously comfortable.
  • Consider placing Adirondack chairs in a conversational arrangement. The simple style is best highlighted with symmetry and repetition. Guests will be naturally drawn to a set of four Adirondack chairs, arranged in a square, with a coffee table and other Adirondack furniture nearby.
  • If weight is a concern, favor recycled plastic materials. Today’s Adirondack furniture manufacturers use PolyWood and other recycled plastic products to create light, easy to move Adirondack chairs. Their lightness makes recycled plastic Adirondack chairs more flexible – it’s easy to stack them out of the way, so as to create an open dance floor for your next party.
  • Look for flame-retardant construction materials. Protect your family by ensuring the Adirondack furniture you bring indoors is flame retardant.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to feature Adirondack furniture indoors. After arranging your Adirondack furniture in your living room, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t think to make the switch earlier.