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Folding Adirondack Chairs and the People Who Love Them

Three People Who would Prefer Folding Adirondack Chairs

Every once in a while, an incredibly simple invention appears – the kind of thing that makes a person wonder, "Now, why didn’t I think of that?" The folding Adirondack chair fits into this category. Thomas Lee, the inventor of the low-slung, roomy outdoor chair we call the Adirondack chair, was a genius to create such a comfortable lounging chair, constructed of eleven pieces of wood cut from a single board. Today, the Adirondack chair is so popular that it has become a verb; people refer to "Adriondacking" as the activity of attending events or visiting public places where people lounge around in Adirondack chairs.

Whoever invented the folding Adirondack chair did a great service for the types of homeowners we’ve listed below. These three types of property owners greatly benefit from the mobility of folding Adirondack chairs.

"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" – AKA the Condo Dweller

This type of person doesn’t mind the fact that he or she must live in a small space. In fact, many condo dwellers chose their compact abodes precisely because they’re less expensive to heat and less harmful for the environment. Zen condo dwellers are a particular variety of the species; they seek simplicity and find that a condo-sized space naturally requires one to be organized and willing to let go of unnecessary belongings. Condo dwellers can often be found on their Lilliputian balconies, which generally feature stunning urban views.

Many condo dwellers have discovered that a folding Adirondack chair is the perfect vehicle for enjoying a postage stamp-sized balcony. Sure, you probably couldn’t throw a party on that tiny fire escape, but there’s enough space to open up a pair of folding Adirondack chairs and catch the rays reflecting off the skyscraper next door. The best thing about these folding chairs is that they can be stashed away when not in use.

"Don’t Fence Me In" – AKA the Wanderer

If you consider yourself a free bird, if you enjoy spontaneity, and if the idea of being chained to a 30-year mortgage makes you nervous, you may be a wanderer. The wanderer can’t stand to stay in one spot for too long. He picks up and moves to a new apartment every few years. If you ask a wanderer why she delights in paying rent, despite the fact that her hard-earned money is going toward someone else’s equity, she cheerfully explains that she considers her monthly rent payment a "liberty tax" because it keeps her free from long-term, limiting entanglements.

A folding Adirondack chair is really the only way to go for a wanderer. After all, a regular Adirondack chair would suck up all the open space in a U-Haul. Even more stable types can appreciate that folding Adirondack chairs are easy to move.

"Let It Snow!" – AKA The Snow Owl

A year should have four distinct seasons. Christmases should always be white. A year without snow is as incomplete as a joke without a punch line. Such beliefs are common among those who live in America’s coldest regions. In places like Rapid City, South Dakota, snow is a given every winter. And while the snow owl might complain now and then about shoveling the white stuff, there’s no denying that everything looks peaceful and clean with a fresh blanket of snowflakes.

Folding Adirondack chairs are preferable in such locations, since they are so much easier to handle than the non-folding variety. This sort of thing matters to snow owls, who must haul their outdoor furniture into a protected location every fall, and drag it back into the light every spring. It’s not wise to leave wood furniture outdoors in the winter, as exposure to harsh weather can shorten its life span. In general, Adirondack chairs and other wood furniture will last much longer if stored in a garage or shed during the winter months. Folding Adirondack chairs make the move to winter storage much easier. (To make this task even easier on your back, choose folding Adirondack chairs made of light wood, such as cedar.)

Even if you’re not a renter, a condo owner or the owner of a home in an area prone to snowy winters, it’s not hard to appreciate the utility of a folding Adirondack chair. Folding Adirondack chairs fit easily into any living arrangement and offer all the relaxation and comfort of their more traditional counterparts. So if you’ve always assumed that an Adirondack chair was too bulky and awkward to fit into your life, take a cue from the homeowners listed above and try a folding Adirondack chair on for size.