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Deciding Which Patio Set is Right for Your Backyard

Glass-topped aluminum tables, Adirondack patio sets, built-in deck benches – there are plenty of patio set options out there. To help you choose between wrought iron, plastic and Adirondack patio furniture , below are a few key questions to help you determine which type of patio furniture is best for you. Additionally, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of various patio set materials.

How will you use your patio furniture?

Aside from cost, your own habits are the main factor in choosing patio furniture. Do you envision using your patio furniture every day, or only on special occasions? Your answer to this question helps determine the best material for your patio set. Adirondack patio furniture can be left outside all year long and used every day if desired. In contrast, plastic patio furniture sets are light enough to move in and out of storage for more sporadic use.

If kids will be using your patio furniture, you’ll want to choose pieces that are durable, stable, easy to clean and safe. Certain Adirondack patio sets, for instance, are made of polywood, a recycled plastic product that is splinter-free – a perfect characteristic for kids.

How comfortable is each patio set?

Check for comfort according to your needs. Are the chairs comfortable? Does the table seem to be at the right height? As you narrow down your list of patio sets, spend a little time with each option, if possible. This extra time will help you notice more positive and negative features. For instance, when scoping out Adirondack patio furniture, you might not immediately notice if the arm rests of the Adirondack patio sets, are too high to allow users to pull chairs close into the table.

What is your patio furniture budget?

Obviously, your choice of patio furniture is limited by your budget. A three-piece bistro patio furniture set may be had for as little as $100. On the other end of the scale, a teak patio furniture set for six may be priced at more than $4,000! There are plenty of options somewhere in the middle; Adirondack patio sets with two chairs and a table may be had for less than $500, for instance.

What patio furniture will compliment your landscape and home?

Aim to seamlessly blend your patio furniture into its surroundings. Match your patio set to the color and style of nearby features. You don’t need to match the front of your home, for instance, if it will be impossible to see while actually sitting in your Adirondack patio furniture. Just as a pink flamingo would look ridiculous in the front yard of a formal Tudor-style home, a non-matching patio set will detract from your landscape design. Match the proportion, style, color and materials of your patio furniture to your home and yard.

Introducing the Three Major Types of Patio Furniture

As far as most homeowners are concerned, wicker, wood and metal are the three basic materials for long-lasting patio furniture. (Yes, plastic patio furniture sets are also available, but unless they’re made of more durable products such as polywood, these groupings don’t typically last very long.) Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each patio set material.

Wood patio furniture. Wood varieties, such as Adirondack patio furniture, should be composed of rot-resistant timber, such as cedar, cypress or hard tropical species like teak. One advantage of wood is that it may be painted or stained to match its surroundings. Furthermore, wood patio sets feature elegant lines to compliment most home styles. Wood stays cool in the sun, so it’s a good material for pool-side patio sets. The major downside of this material is that it requires regular maintenance – to last in outdoor conditions, wood must be resurfaced and resealed every year or two.

Metal patio furniture. Metal patio sets are typically made of wrought iron or aluminum. Wrought iron is durable and heavy. It requires regular paint touch-ups to prevent rust. Aluminum is rust-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean with water and soap. Aluminum is a light material, so it’s not ideal for windy locations such as the coast – aluminum patio furniture might blow away in these gusty locales! Like wood, metal is easy to paint. Unlike wood, metal heats up quickly, so it’s not ideal around the pool.

Wicker patio furniture. Yesterday’s wicker furniture was constructed of natural, organic materials, but these days "wicker" furniture is usually made from a resin composite. Wicker patio sets offer several advantages: They’re lightweight, long-lasting and available in a wide variety of styles. Wicker is softer than metal or wood, so you may not even need cushions to feel comfortable in a wicker patio set. One disadvantage of this material is that it can be tough to clean. In moisture-prone areas such as the Pacific Northwest, mildew and mold can grow in the nooks and crannies of wicker furniture. A pressure washer may be required to return mold-infested wicker furniture to its original pristine look. Note: If you have genuine wicker furniture, keep water away from it, as organic wicker materials decompose more quickly if exposed to water.