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Why Adirondack Chairs are Great for Kids

Adirondack chairs usually call to mind leisurely hours at the beach and staid moments in adult recreation facilities. The idea of bouncing, energetic, rambunctious kids enjoying Adirondack chairs is not typically the first thing that comes to mind, but the truth is that kidsí Adirondack chairs are gaining popularity across the country. Like their adult counterparts, kids actually crave relaxation and downtime, and kidsí Adirondack chairs encourage this peaceful inclination. Below are other reasons why Adirondack chairs make excellent outdoor furniture for kids.

1. Kidsí Adirondack chairs are sturdy.

Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with a kid will recognize their destructive tendencies. Kidsí clothes must be tough to withstand the full-on living these tiny creatures do. Any piece of furniture will be run through the mill if a kid is around. You can bet your munchkins will work hard to discover all the ways your new patio furniture may be used: As a castle turret! As a barrier in the trenches of World War I! As a trusty steed, galloping across the plains of pre-colonial America! Kids are creative and imaginative enough to see any piece of furniture as a gateway to a new world. They might not understand the havoc they wreak with their play, but every parent knows kid-friendly items must be both tough and safe.

Kidsí Adirondack chairs fit the bill. Their low-to-the-ground design is stable, and their construction materials are durable. Kidsí Adirondack chairs are excellent outdoor furniture for families because they can withstand even the most enthusiastic imaginative play.

2. Kidsí Adirondack chairs are easy to clean.

Grime and goo are central players in childrenís reality. Kids are experts at finding and exploiting anything dirty. If you give them a box of crayons, you may find colorful wax on the walls Ė or melted into the carpet. For this reason, parents are keen on kid items that are easy to clean. Again, kidsí Adirondack chairs are ideal. Stains on wooden kidsí Adirondack chairs may be sanded away, and kidsí Adirondack chairs made of recycled plastic or Poly-Wood can usually be cleaned with household cleaners.

3. Many kidsí Adirondack chairs are splinter-free, since theyíre made of recycled plastic.

Kids havenít yet developed the conscientiousness that comes with aging. They donít take the time to think about how their next activity could cause them harm. Therefore, many parents are passionate about buying only kid-friendly products Ė those that cannot possibly cause pain, even when used in the zany ways kids dream up.

Kidsí Adirondack chairs are often made recycled plastic thatís entirely maintenance- and splinter-free. Kids canít get nasty splinters from Poly-Wood Adirondack chairs; this material is impervious to splitting and splintering.

Furthermore, parents can set a good example by choosing earth-friendly recycled products such as kidsí Adirondack chairs composed of Poly-Wood.

4. Kidsí Adirondack chairs are available in a rainbow of bright colors and kid-friendly styles.

From bubblegum pink to lime green to cherry red, kidsí Adirondack chairs are available in a plethora of kid-friendly colors. Adirondack chair manufacturers also cater to the younger crowd by creating chairs in fun shapes and styles, such as a royal blue Adirondack chair with a frog painted on the back; a bright green Adirondack swing; or a yellow kidsí Adirondack chair in the shape of a bear. Nearly every daughter will cherish a Princess kidsí Adirondack chair, complete with flowery decorations. Rocking and folding chairs are also available, along with cedar and unfinished kidsí Adirondack chairs to match the rest of your dťcor.

5. Kidsí Adirondack chairs encourage kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

In this era of video games, social networking and cable TV, convincing a child to play outside can be a real challenge. Yet statistics attest to the importance of outdoor, unstructured playtime. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has found that todayís kids spend an average of 6 hours in front of a screen (TV or computer) each day, but spend only 4 minutes in daily unstructured outdoor time. And according to the recently published book Last Child in the Woods, time outdoors can prevent ADHD while enhancing school performance. In other words, playing outside is an important part of growing up.

Kids Adirondack chairs make a comfortable, appealing space for kids to play outdoors. By adding a kidsí Adirondack chair or two to your outdoor area, youíre creating an inviting area for your children to enjoy the great outdoors.