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Accessorizing Your Adirondack Chair

There’s nearly nothing in this world that can’t be improved with accessories. A little black dress may seem blasé until you throw in the perfect clutch handbag and shimmering earrings. A bicycle is little more than a mode of transportation until you add streamers, a bell and a flower-adorned basket. Really, accessories add worth to anything you cherish.

Accessorizing is akin to claiming your own passions by purposefully adding your own personal touch. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can accessorize your Adirondack chair. This article lists a few Adirondack chair accessories you may not have considered. If you’re an Adirondack chair buff who eagerly looks forward lounging Adirondack style, think about making your laze-about time even more special by adding some accessories.

Adirondack Chair Accessories

  • Adirondack ottomans or foot rests — There’s no denying that the Adirondack chair is by far the most comfortable piece of patio furniture available. Still, there’s no reason to settle for mere comfort when you can experience the heaven of relaxing in an Adirondack chair with your legs propped up on an Adirondack ottoman. Adding an Adirondack ottoman to your patio area will not only give you a good place to kick up your feet, but an Adirondack ottoman can also double as an Adirondack table in a pinch.

  • Adirondack chair cushions — For the past few years, homeowners have homed in on outdoor living as an affordable way to increase livable space. After all, with a patio cover and a few pieces of restful furniture, the great outdoors is a wonderful place to relax with one’s family. Of course, comfort is key. Adding Adirondack chair cushions will make your outdoor living room even more enticing. Choose Adirondack chair cushions according to your own needs. Perhaps all you need is an Adirondack chair cushion for your low back; or maybe you need a full set of tie-on Adirondack chair cushions covering the entire seat.

    Beyond your own comfort preferences, it’s also wise to select Adirondack chair cushions that match your exterior décor. For instance, if your home’s exterior is painted a shade of robin’s egg blue, egg yolk yellow Adirondack chair cushions would add zing while still complementing your home. To avoid mold and mildew growth, select Adirondack chair cushions made out of durable, moisture-resistant outdoor fabric.

    Adirondack table — Adding an Adirondack small table is a wonderful way to create space for novels, refreshing drinks and any other means of relaxation. Perhaps you’d like to munch on a tray of healthy snacks while lounging in your Adirondack chair; an Adirondack table will make this activity easier. Depending on your outdoor living arrangement, it may make sense to add a central Adirondack table for everyone to share, or you may just need an Adirondack small table astride each chair.

Tips for Accessorizing

Whatever Adirondack accessories your heart desires, following the tips below will make your life easier in the long run.

  • Be aware of maintenance requirements. Outdoor furniture requires special attention, since external conditions are harsh enough to destroy patio furniture. If you select a wood Adirondack small table, for instance, you should know that your new Adirondack accessory will need regular refinishing. Wood expands and contracts with surrounding temperature and moisture conditions. Without stain or seal, a wood Adirondack table will quickly take on a dilapidated, silvered look. Just as you would carefully consider the maintenance required for a new deck or fence, you should take time to think about the maintenance your Adirondack accessories will require.

  • Consider staining or painting Adirondack accessories to match the chair itself. Paint and stain can transform any piece of wood furniture. To create a visually pleasing outdoor living area, paint or stain your Adirondack chair and accessories in a tone that complements your home’s exterior.

  • Think about the transition to winter. Leaving your Adirondack chair and its accessories out all winter can decrease their life span. Winter storms ravage wood, leaving it looking tired and worn. Instead, it’s far better to haul your outdoor furniture into a covered storage area for the wintertime. Protect your back by choosing Adirondack accessories that are light and easy to move.

Once you’ve amassed the perfect collection of Adirondack chairs and accessories, for your family, you’ll appreciate your outdoor relaxation area even more.